Il Grande Renzetti

“You should never stop dreaming.
Because having a dream is the first step on the path that allows us to make it real.”

(Il Grande Renzetti)

My name is Federico Renzetti, aka The Great Renzetti.
Born and raised in the beautiful Sabina land, I have always been fascinated by magic. The passion, however, remained hidden for a long time, so much so that I jokingly defined myself as a “healthy carrier of magic”. At least until a chance meeting with a Tuscan magician in 2011 irreversibly changed my future: in that moment my dream was born. And the beginning of the journey to make it happen. A path made of continuous research, studies of theatre, diction and public speaking to enhance the cultural and expressive background. With the awareness that I still have a lot to learn, I try to improve myself day after day.
Member of the Circolo Illusionisti di Roma (Ring 204 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians), I had the opportunity to meet the greatest magicians in the world and to perform in private parties, squares, charity events, clubs, theater stages and even television appearances.
Magic has given me so much and my way of repaying it is to use it for the noble purpose of bringing those I meet out of monotony, to guide them into a world of wonder, which can remind us how important it is to continue to believe in dreams.

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